Property Settlements
A financial order is a set of
orders made by the Federal Circuit
Court or Family
Any person concerned with the care, welfare and development of a child,
Recovery Application
A recovery order is often made on an urgent basis. It is an order made by the Court
Joint Divorce Application
A joint divorce application is where you and your spouse agree to prepare and file the joint application together.
Mediation is a process by which a neutral third party called a mediator helps people in conflict negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement.
Sole Divorce Application

If you are applying for a divorce application on your own, this is known as a sole application for divorce. You are the applicant and your spouse is the respondent.

Are you eligible?
Before you are able to apply for an application for divorce, you must answer “yes” to either of the following questions:

  • Are you an Australian Citizen by grant of Australian Citizenship?
  • Were you born in Australia or have you become an Australian Citizen by decent?
  • Are you legally in Australia and have lived here for the last 12 months?

Separated for month than 12 months

Consent Orders
If you have reached an agreement about the care, welfare and development
Spousal Maintenance
The Family Court or Federal Circuit Court deal with two types of spousal maintenance applications:
Parenting Plans
A parenting plan is a written agreement that sets out parenting arrangements for your children.
Child Support
The Federal Circuit Court and Family Court consider child support and parenting issues separately.
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